Executive Summary

Build-A-Box Homes is a for-profit corporation owned and established by Jerry Hartless. Jerry is a seasoned, successful, and established global entrepreneur that resides in the greater Houston, TX metropolitan area. Jerry is the CEO of SniperHill Internet Services (sniperhill.com), President of Davis Hartless International (dhilimited.com), Chairman of Scopesky Communications (scopesky.com), and Chairman of Iraqi Smart Techs (iqstc.com).

Jerry’s success and experience in business accompanied by his demand to commute regularly around the globe has granted him the unique ability to be ahead of the curve as it pertains to global economic advancement.  It is through the combustion of his entrepreneurial success and global mindset that the Build-A-Box Home company was birthed.

Taking what Jerry has learned around the world concerning “housing solutions” and the economic advancement of communities he could easily make the correlation between the “under developed community” of Houston, TX 5th Ward and “under developed nations”. His success and exposure to the global business market has contributed significantly to his outside of the box approach to local entrepreneurship. The collection of global economic and housing solutions that Jerry has is like none other and is transforming local communities one home at a time.

Using shipping containers, Build-A-Box Homes will provide community residents and marketplace employers with highest quality housing possible at the most cost effective price. The Build-A-Box Homes housing solution has begun develop in the 5th Ward of Houston Texas. This housing solution will continue to be made available for communities around the nation and extended to the four corners of the earth.

The idea of using shipping containers to build multi-family housing complexes and office buildings has never been done in America however the idea has seen tremendous success in the nations of Amsterdam with the Keetwonen and Salvation Army container housing complexes, the nation of Nigeria with Hotel Yenagoa, the nation of China with the Labour Hotel, the nation of Haiti with the Servotel Hotel and several others.  Build-A-Box Homes will be the first in the nation to take this global strategy and combine with America’s first world and first class eco-friendly amenities, housing engineering, and technology.

The establishment of the Build-A-Box Homes housing complex in Houston’s 5th Ward will create jobs and stimulate the local economy due to the construction, up-keep and maintenance of the facilities, local philanthropic contributions, and the attraction of new local businesses that will establish their roots and offer their services to the residents of Houston’s 5th Ward. The results of this housing complex will be transformative to the community, elevate entrepreneurial thinking, and raise the economic watermark for residents in the 5th Ward.